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Automated data extraction processes save time and reduce human errors

benefits of product


AI learning system allows to not worry about document types or data structures

benefits of product


Versatile solution for different businesses


Data Extraction Challenges


Manual data entry has an error rate of 400 per 10,000 entries


20% of collected data remains unstructured and untapped


Existing workflows suffer from 25% reduced efficiency due to disjointed data handling


Meet Xtractor

great solution

Automated Data extraction

Save 3x the time and reduce human errors

great solution

AI Learning system

Adaptive document templates and structured results

great solution

Seamless Efficiency enhancement

Assured accuracy, configurable data checks and seamless integration

Real-life Case #1

Challenge: Efficient Extraction of Equipment Tag Numbers from Technical Drawings

  • Streamlined Content Extraction: Precisely extract only the required equipment tag numbers from intricate technical drawings, filtering out unnecessary information. Automatically discern and capture essential data, ensuring irrelevant content is omitted from the results.
  • Intelligent Graphic Line Detection: Automatically detect and differentiate graphic lines, intelligently separating text blocks for enhanced clarity. Ensure accurate data extraction even from intricate visual layouts.
  • Seamless Text Rotation Comprehension: Empower the system to interpret text in various orientations, guaranteeing accurate extraction regardless of rotation. Eliminate errors stemming from text misinterpretation due to rotation.

Result: Drastically reduced manual effort, improved accuracy, and accelerated data extraction from technical drawings, ensuring optimal workflow efficiency.

Real-life Case #2

Challenge: Comprehensive Extraction and Validation of Tabled Data with Master Data Updates

  • Robust Table Data Extraction: Efficiently extract complex tabled data. Ensure accurate extraction by navigating 'floating' tables and tables spanning multiple pages, capturing all vital data.
  • Dynamic Data Validation: Thoroughly verify item weights and quantities, cross-referencing with predefined criteria. Empower users with configurable data checks, highlighting discrepancies as errors or warnings for prompt corrective action.
  • Seamless Master Data Update: Automatically update the Master Data with both existing and newly extracted item information. Maintain data integrity and enhance decision-making by ensuring the Master Data reflects the most current and accurate data.

Result: Streamlined data extraction and validation from diverse table formats, coupled with seamless Master Data updates, provide heightened accuracy and efficiency, minimizing errors and elevating data-driven processes.

Case #3

Challenge: Transforming Unstructured Invoice Data into Structured Format

  • Precise Unstructured Data Detection: Efficiently locate unstructured invoice data amidst varying document layouts. Accurately pinpoint and extract vital information, ensuring no valuable data is overlooked. Effectively process and extract data from multiple tables present on a single page. Ensure seamless conversion even when dealing with complex layouts.
  • Seamless Structured Data Extraction: Convert unstructured invoice data into a structured format, retaining original table proportions for utmost accuracy. Transform disparate data points into coherent, organized information for enhanced usability.
  • Dynamic 'Floating' Table Detection: Effortlessly identify 'floating' tables with unknown positions within documents. Extract data from multiple tables on a single page while maintaining data integrity and relationships.

Result: A streamlined process for transforming unstructured invoice data into structured format, allowing for accurate extraction, conversion, and enhanced data utilization, ultimately improving workflow efficiency and data-driven decision-making.

Meet The Team

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Team Member

16+ years Finance and Strategic Planning:

• Led strategic planning and financial modelling at Alliance Life

• Managed multi-profile assets at PATRIOT-Engineering

• Excelled in budgeting automation and expense optimization

• Business Plan Preparation and Financial Report Analysis

• Optimizing Expenses and Budgeting Automation

Tatiana Gusenkova

Team Member

Highly skilled Full-Stack Developer with 7+ years of experience:

• Expertise in Front-end and Back-end technologies

• Lead software engineer in ETL projects

• Proficient in designing robust data integration workflows

• Strong system design background for scalable solutions

• Database development expert ensuring data integrity and security

Petr Alpatov

Team Member

Communication Specialist and Market Research Analyst:

• Conducted market research in Russia in 2020 and 2021

• Arrived in Bordeaux in September 2022 began researching an incubators in Nouvelle-Aquitaine

• Currently participating in H24 Incubator workshops and engaging with logistics companies in Dordogne

Olga Agaian

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